Saturday, January 30, 2016

Camden, Maine

quilted sky
glittering silently,
winking a thousand times
to the iron visitors

of houses
are sentries
to the cooing loons
and grunting bullfrogs

by day
the sun-kissed bodies
drift by
in casual boats,
soaking in the trees
and the sea-salt air

harbor chatter
in vacation tongue,
tolerant locals
measure patience
one tourist at a time

Saturday, January 23, 2016


the joy of snow
is to burrow deep
hearth fire blaze
inviting sleep

layer up
burst out
get bitten by the cold
freeze out cabin fever
with the ways of old

a heist of snow
frost-kissed faces
to blaze new memories
in familiar places

Double Winter Anger Freeze

an angry glaze
on the outside world:
frost under foot,
hard ice hiding slickly,
snow air punches faces

crooked footprints
steals and preserves
our vulnerable moments
we can enjoy this
only when locked inside

our lives endlessly
tear and churn
the real world
will watch us
freeze and burn

Friday, January 15, 2016

Call of the Woods

leaf-lush primal joy,
a magnet,
drawing woodmen
from their galley desks
by wide-eyed

forest bound
and snug,
wound tight
but natural
in tree cloak

all still
in the magic
of the first light
the world
as we were meant
to see it—
waking, alive,
and ripe
for the taking

Saturday, January 9, 2016

At the Convention Center

At the convention center
people wait
to start their day
smile and shake hands
and things are all O.K.

echoes in the large, cool rooms
as people mouth the lines
they need to speak
the trip justified
an expense account,
a line checked off

A life of unpacking
and catching the next plane:
awake, realize what you have
and dissipate this pain