Monday, October 31, 2016

Seamless Cycle of Affirmative Madness

On track,
new life born
in rampant mind songs
mouthed out
like silent Rosary
at the chaotic streets

On point,
bringing new love
to lonely wanderers
who see beauty
in every calf and cobblestone
and weep

On time,
for all of time,
that light
that flash of knowledge
sending every sultry sinner
singing in crazed demonic joy
sparking new life
for those new needy souls

Friday, October 21, 2016

Happy Quotidian Murder Story

one small step
can snuff  a whole day
cast a dark pall
every which way
churn with nervous burn
while stomach butterflies
struggle to keep pace

whiff of death air
permeates everywhere
when sufficed to stay
at one’s own station

it’s the glory of breakage
the carnage of liberation
that makes the most
of life’s celebration

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Civilization of the Waffle House

not some sickly trough
where America slouches to binge
but an island of civility
amid a nation unhinged

a respite from the lunacy
the vitriol and spite
avert our eyes from the crumbling land
the fast approaching night

our pulse, barometer, shelter, guide
a safe hospitality
and a great place to hide
friendly to a fault
that shames a jaded traveler
breaking fast our only task 
a vacation from disaster

Saturday, October 8, 2016

From Mohonk Mountain House

somehow at peace
in these mountains
as cold bites at every turn

sweeping views
to dare the cold
while drawing heat
from our own dark flames
tempting ghosts
with every turn
down quiet halls

our own worlds
among the chattering diners

braving chill barns
to marvel at glorious history
carved out hard rock

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hurricane Dreams

spinning silent
like a strange carnival scene
upturned chaos
with a center calm and free

fleshed out,
flashed before jaded eyes
that let the clumsy jumble
erase past lives

silent awe
for the power
of dark times,
wiser men
see the value
of colder climes

vow to the twisting force,
the darkening doom
and the mystery it shrouds
and be snug
with our superior dreams
within the violent clouds