Friday, November 25, 2016

Il Toscano

The Douglaston rabble
is old and loud;
they shout at the waiter
by name.

The heat flushes us;
we stay stoic and proud.
We look the part,
but can’t act the same.

We pay our bill,
savor the coffee
and the fact
we have souls.

We draw our power
from the star-splattered night;
we soar above these petty lords
and their reign over dinner chairs.

We dip
our coffee spoons
in the soft flank
of the ice cream.

Tip well
and glide through
the dining rooms
and away;
running headstrong
into the winter night
and greater magic
to come.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Quest for Cold

Bring us that air of steel,
the punching breeze
that makes us real.

Thrive in crystal bold
blankets of white
that let us draw from the cold
to give us might.

Let us have the joy
of breath like ice
a little longer.
Give us the season
that makes us stronger.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

News of the World

Fireworks crack wise
over Southern skies
the Georgia pine stay silent
as the New Year
promises to conquer fear
with a birth
in a burst of violence.

The chill night sky
makes us sweet promises
of dark ventures
if we only take them.
The blue night commands
that we not follow legends
but make them.

Spread the news:
We’re barreling through,
upsetting pretenders
and electrifying

Friday, November 4, 2016

At the Campbell Apartment

an old safe
in a faux fireplace
prays mutely
for greater purpose;
the guests
don’t think about
its great secrets
or former treasures
as they swirl their wine

chatter echoes on,
words falling
on the dusky walls

minutia of business,
hollow words
stream endlessly,
keeping us from
going home
to real life
and our better selves